Our Story


The Faith Mennonite congregation began meeting in 1986 for Sunday evening Bible study and prayer at the New Prussia schoolhouse located south of Wellesley, Ontario. 

On 6 September 1987 the first worship service was held with an attendance of 43. With no ordained minister, early preaching was done by lay members or area Mennonite ministers. The group organized committees for Sewing Circle and Sunday evening programs. In February 1988 the group asked Bishop Raymond Harnish of Pennsylvania to give oversight to the congregation in areas of communion, baptism, marriages and funerals, as well as minister ordinations.


In the spring of 1988 Oetzel's United Church invited the congregation to rent its building northwest of New Hamburg. The first worship service was held there on 3 July 1988 with an attendance of 55. The first baptism occured on 4 March 1989. Faith Mennonite purchased the church building on 1 December 1989.

As the church grew, further programs were added -- a youth group in 1991, and an Expansion Committee by 1993. A portable classroom for the growing Sunday school was added in 1994. Vacation Bible School began in 1996. 

In 2003 property was purchased in the hamlet of Kingwood for the proposed new church building. In January 2005 the congregation made the decision to forge forward with the building project. The first service was held in the new building on April of 2006. The new facility enabled the church to make use of a larger sanctuary, a fellowship hall/gym and more rooms for Sunday school classes. 

In 2009, an advisory committee was established to facilitate the effective working of the congregation as an independent congregation, in order to facilitate the wish of Raymond Harnish to end his oversight responsibilities. Initial committee members were Paul Emerson, Lorne Steckley and Todd Neuschwander.

Sunday morning services includes Christian education from 10 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. with the worship service at 11:00 a.m. The worship service from 11 to 12 a.m. includes congregational singing, testimonies and prayer, and preaching in English. A telephone call-in service is provided for those who are unable to attend. Sunday evening services are scheduled for three Sundays per month that might include a song service, visiting choirs, guest speakers, topic nights, mission reports or library book reports. The congregation actively supports local and foreign missions. It also has members participating in foreign missions, native ministries and prison ministry as well as local community outreach programs. Home based small group Bible Studies have also been instrumental in assisting our members in spiritual growth as well as the growth of our fellowship.

As with any church, its story is not so much that of the physical building and its changes over time, but rather the stories of the hearts and hands of those who make up the church and are dedicated to the expansion of God’s kingdom. The real story of our congregation is the combination of everyone’s testimony about the work of the Lord in each of our lives as we are called to share it with those that we meet on a daily basis.

Senior Pastor: Larry Jantzi

As our Senior Pastor, Larr yprovides guidance and direction to our ministerial team as well as provides leadership for our Small Groups and our baptismal classes, teaches the Word, and provides pastoral care to God's people. 

Associate Pastor: Tony Gerber

As an associate Pastor, Tony  provides leadership to our Christian Education and Children's Ministries,  teaches the Word, and provides pastoral care to God's people. 

He's passionate about the Gospel, building the kingdom, and transforming our communities through the common denominator of the fact that once we are dead and now we are alive. 

Associate Pastor: Kyle Gerber

Deacon: Dave Roth

Dave has faithfully served the church in various leadership capacities over his decades with our congregation.  In 1999, the congregation called him to the office of Deacon, where he has faithfully served and directed our Compassionate and Visitation Ministries.  

Deacon: Larry Lichty

Called to serve as a deacon in 2009 by the Congregation, Larry directs our discipleship ministry and assists in our mercy ministries.  His hope and vision are that the good news of the gospel would transform every area of every life as we learn more about living in a covenant relationship with our Creator God.

Deacon: Steve Cressman

Deacon: Gary Martin