You Did Not Look to Him who did it

Posted on January 12, 2015.


In preparation for our gathering on Sunday, please read and meditate on our text- Isaiah 20-23 - we are going to try to work our way through four chapters. 

Think especially about our tendency for self sufficiency and self absorption as seen in chapter 22:11b.

Then, think about this:

The strategies differ from one culture to the next, but what matters in the one kingdom of man is money and power and ego and visceral pleasure—all the things that belong to time rather than eternity. This is our brilliant, heroic, costly, empty world.

The prophets understood the power of the Babylon-Tyre of this world. They saw that this world is not only the opponent of faith, it’s also the seductress of faith. The world not only punishes all who follow Christ; it also panders, tempting believers away from Christ. The devil doesn’t much care either way. He’ll use harsh intimidation, and he’ll use soft seduction—whatever works, as long as we lose sight of Christ, so that our faith no longer overcomes. That is the spiritual battle being fought deep in our hearts every day