Who is Your Neighbour

Posted on September 8, 2014.

This coming Lord's day, we are going to be looking at Isaiah chapters 15-16, where God pronounces judgement on the closest neighbours of His chosen people.  

I challenge you to spend a few minutes this week reading our text, praying about it, and asking God to speak about its relevance in your life.

Think about who your Moab is- the person right beside you in the classroom, that annoying coworker, or that customer that always needs to be right?  

Isaiah's prophecy however, should also remind us that there is a call to action here as well....not only does God pronounce judgment while Isaiah mourn's, but there is action taken here.  As Christians, we've gotten pretty good at the pat answer to "Who is your neighbour"?  This Sunday - we'll take a deeper look at the response that God has called each of us to as we consider our neighbours.

Come praying,