What Kind of World Will My Children Grow Up In?

Posted on November 22, 2014.

We live in a world of division, struggle and conflict.  While that may seem a little harsh, I would like to invite you think about that for just a moment as we consider the implications of God's word for our day in our passage this morning. 

Personally, each one of us struggles with a conflict between what God calls us to do and what our flesh wants to do.  We are conflicted between our agendas and the calling that God has for us.  As a group of believers, some of us value different parts of our calling differently, creating an opportunity for disagreement and conflict inside the body of Christ.  Culturally, as Christians, we stand in stark defiance of the spirit of the age.  We believe in absolutes, ultimate meaning and real purpose in a world that is determined to make every idea relative, that attempts to to disembowel the very notion of truth.  We  base our defiant idea of purpose and meaning in light of God's purpose and God's glory for a world that makes fun of the notion of God and his sovereign control over the events of the age.  Culturally, we struggle with the idea of being different from others, tending to segregate ourselves into cultural enclaves that value tradition and heritage above what God has called us to do - and this tendency to enclave is not limited to Mennonites, witness the plethora of hyphenated Canadians who identify themselves by something else - Indo- Canadians, Turkish Canadians.  We build walls between races, cultures and people.  From a global perspective, we see ethnic cleansing in the wars of Africa, we see cultural imperialism from the West, and we see hatred of truth personified in the persecution of Christians across the globe. 


It is indeed a world that seems self centered, dark, hopeless and plunging out of control into a murky future of chaos. Have you not wondered what kind of world your children will grow up in?  Or asked yourself the question in one of those late night pondering sessions - what will this world look like in three generations, or 6 generations from now. These are not new questions in our time, or in our place.  Indeed, they are questions that man has been asking since sin first broke onto the scene, and Adam and Eve considered the consequences of their failure to stand in covenant with their Creator God.    As we gather as a body of believers tomorrow- we are going to look at how God Himself answers that question, not just for our generation, but for all generations to come.  We will see unparalleled hope, as we consider the future that He has planned for those who honor Him as King.  

As we prepare to worship together tomorrow and look into God's word, we invite you to read the 18th and 19th chapters of Isaiah, and prayerfully consider your response to the God who has provided a way for the Children of the Way.