Update on CAM

Posted on June 29, 2019.

We as a Leadership Team want to affirm our awareness of the sexual abuse allegations toward Jeriah Mast and the broader implications for how administrators and administrative practices at Christian Aid Ministries enabled ongoing abuse. We are committed to closely monitoring the investigation, and evaluating whether Christian Aid Ministries' practices are consistent with our commitment at Faith to protect the vulnerable and the weak from abuse of any kind. We want to be clear: sexual abuse and the misuse of power is evil, it is outside of God's plan for human flourishing, and it is sin. When sin manifests itself in criminal behaviour it also becomes the responsibility of civil authorities, and we support the civil processes God provides to protect the weak and vulnerable. God's forgiveness, so often beautifully illustrated by interpersonal forgiveness, does not excuse anyone from the consequences of criminal behaviour. Please pray for all involved in this tragic situation, that God's grace might transform broken hearts, and that the name of Jesus might be exalted.