Perfect Peace

Posted on April 28, 2015.

“If chance be the Father of all flesh,

Disaster is his rainbow in the sky,

And when you hear

State of Emergency!

Sniper Kills Ten!

Troops on Rampage!

Whites go Looting!

Bomb Blasts School!

It is but the sound of man worshiping his maker.”



― Steve Turner, Poems


My life is upside down- a barrage of never ending commitments, requirements, frustrations and looming disappointments.  In the frenzy of my days, the God of all peace seems very distant, in fact, the notion of peace seems to be completely ludicrous.  Everything I see on the news, everything I hear from those around me, reminds me of the broken world, the broken relationships and the broken pieces of my life and the lives around me. 

Then – I look at our text for Sunday and I see this verse: 

“You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you because he trusts in You” (Is 26:3)

And I ponder – how do I reconcile the clear promises of this chapter with the maelstrom that is my life?

This Sunday, we are going to look together at the answer to just that question.  So- read Isaiah 26 – think about the themes of trust, of desire, of dependence, of the futility of self help, and the glorious Hope of the Resurrection and the Gospel that are painted so plainly for us here, and come prepared to marvel and to celebrate the salve that our Creator God himself applies to our wounded hearts and broken lives. If you have more thoughts  that you want to share or want to watch this develop, share your thoughts using or follow the hashtag #perfectpeace on Twitter and Instagram.

Come praying.