From Empty to Full

Posted on March 31, 2015.

This coming Sunday is one of my favorite Sundays of the year – not only because its Resurrection Sunday but because it is an opportunity for us to reflect, as we do on the other 51 Sundays of the year, on the life that has been purchased for us by Christ’s blood.  When we think of the bloody cross, three days of hopelessness and silence, and the glory of an empty tomb, we rightfully get excited.   The bigger question though, is this: Do we stay excited?  Do we understand what we are really excited about?


This coming Sunday – we are going to be looking at the theme of moving “From Empty to Full”, as we see the end of Easter laid out in its future glory in Isaiah chapter 25.  This week, I encourage you – read the Passion accounts from the gospels, then read Isaiah 25 and reflect.  Soberly, joyously, prayerfully, deliberately and uncontrollably think about the fullness that we are promised as a result of the empty tomb.  Count the number of times you read the word all in our text, and think about the implications of that for your future.  Reflect on what it means that death is defeated and every tear will be removed from every eye as you consider the challenges of this week, and your life.  Look with me how Isaiah proclaims the Redemption and Resurrection plan, promise, place and people in this chapter. 

Then join us, this Sunday at 10am as we study together the most inclusive gospel of all:  redemption for all people.  Come praying - ready to celebrate Easter - The Ultimate Invitation