An Oracle for the Marginalized- Or Those About to Be

Posted on September 29, 2014.

This coming Lord's daywe will be looking at the 17th Chapter of Isaiah.  In preparation to hear God's Word, please spend time this week reading this text, remembering to pray that God's Spirit would reveal his Word to you.

Consider especially then, the message of change that Isaiah was prophesying - the virtual death of a way of life, the loss of a culture, and the end of national expectations.  Draw some parallels in your own life:  think about the ways that you expect your faith to make your life easier, rather than more difficult, or the ways that you expect to speak with a voice of moral authority when those around you no longer find the basis of your morality to have any legitimacy.  

Think and pray about life on the margins: the place where we find ourselves increasingly in the Western World.   As you do, jump over to Deuteronomy 32:4 and savor the work of the Rock.

Come praying